Just call me Pigpen

I know what the question on everyone’s mind is: did you shower before your exam?

Well, the answer is…NO 🙂

I made sure to put on an extra layer of deodorant and a few spritzes of my good perfume just in case. I don’t think anyone noticed 😉

I don’t think I look so bad:

You caught me, this isn't an actual picture of me. But it's a pretty good representation of how I felt during my exam!

Anywho, I think my exam went okay. Definitely not the most prepared I’ve been for a test in college but I currently have a 100% in the class, so I’ll be fine! Plus, it’s my last quarter of undergraduate classes and my senioritis is baaaad lately. I’m lucky I studied at all!

I haven’t gone for my run yet, but tonight’s workout is a 2.5 mile easy run. Maybe I’ll throw in some upper body strength training just to make driving to the gym worth it. I would run outside, but I’m too tired to go right now and I’m way too scared to run outside at night! People get mugged all the time here and being a girl…it’s just not worth the risk.

I think I’m going to start taking iron supplements every day. I don’t eat very much red meat these days (frozen chicken is about as good as it gets!) unless I go out to eat, and I’ve read that being low in iron can make running more difficult!

Do you take iron supplements? Why or why not?

Are you able to safely go for runs at night where you live?

– My parents neighborhood, where I grew up, is super safe and has a ton of street lights. Whenever I visit them, I love to run at night! But these days, I’m stuck either running during the day or running on the treadmill at the gym.

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11 responses

  1. I take iron tablets, theyre great! as I am the same as you – frozen chicken barely any red meat!! 🙂
    Yep… I run every night in the dark, it gets dark here around 6pm – so I have no choice but to run in the dark… I dont get the same motivation on the treadmill to go as hard or for as long!

  2. So, let me preface this by saying that I am 40. I know, I know, I don’t look a day over 39…but anyway, I definitely went through a time slot when I took iron supplements. Not because of running, but because, I started craving ice like you would not believe….Luckily,I wasn’t licking dirt or something freaky like that! But “Slow FE”, a vitamin supplement, cleared me right up of that ice addiction.

    I used to run in the dark when I worked closer to home…but the dark was a.m. dark which is different from p.m. dark. A.M. dark still feels safer than P.M. dark! I always run in groups and wear blinky lights when I run in AM or PM dark!!

    PS.. I am really enjoying your blog!

    • Aw thanks 🙂 I’m glad you like it!!

      Being a nutrition student, I’ve heard about that kind of reaction to iron deficiency! Glad you’re getting your iron needs fulfilled now. I’ll have to check out Slow FE!

      AM dark is definitely safer feeling than PM dark!

  3. Definitely take iron supplements, but only a couple times a week. They mess with my digestive system, so I don’t go crazy with them. Instead, I eat a lot of fresh spinach and raisins and occasionally prune juice to try get that iron. Not opposed to red meat, I just don’t get around to eating it much! Hope that helps… good luck!

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