How to make an awesome sandwich

1. Use good bread, or at least something better than white store brand bread!

2. Put a lot of slices of pepper jack cheese on the bread. When you think you’ve put an adequate amount of cheese on, add a few more slices.

3. Dump tons of feta cheese on there, too, because there’s just not enough cheese already on the sandwich.

4. Add even more toppings. Specifically, bacon, chicken, and red onions.

5. Slather the bread with chipotle mayo on the inside and butter on the outside.

6. Fry that baby up on the stove until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted!


End product:


Eat one half of the sandwich…then stop and run and get your camera because you almost forgot to take a picture before you devoured the whole thing! Such a newbie blogger mistake!


Best sandwich EVER.


What are your favorite sandwich toppings?

Do you like broccoli?


2 responses

  1. I LOVE broccoli. It is one of my go-to veggies for dinner. I get those Steamfresh bags, so all you do is pop it in the microwave and have it ready in four minutes. My grandmother makes these awesome grilled cheese and ham sandwiches with broccoli in it– she dices it up really small and they get embedded into the cheese when it’s grilling. You should try it sometime!

  2. nope, broccoli bothers my tummy =/ but the sandwhich looks AMAZING! Mmmm… I’d eat that with a bowl of Trader Joes organic pepper tomato soup (since I’m lucky enough to live RIGHT behind one!)

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