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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Race recap from this weekend will be up tomorrow!


Craving a Happy Hour

Oh my goodness, this week has been so busy! I haven’t had time to run at all since I last updated (although I’ll probably go for one last easy run tonight so I can squeeze in some more running time before my race on Saturday) which I’m prety sure has been adding to my stress levels. I’ve gotten so used to getting my endorphins 5 days a week that dropping down to just 1 day since Sunday is just not good for me!

My 20 page paper is finished so now all I have left are some assignments due tonight and tomorrow and then it’ll finally be the weekend! It has been extremely hot and the bars have been calling my name with their happy hour specials and their patrons looking like they’re having so much fun drinking out on the patios. So jealous of their free time!

One night when I was staying up late to work on that research paper my boyfriend offered to make me homemade chicken nuggets 🙂 They were seriously the best chicken nuggets I’ve ever had in my life! Feel free to ignore the cheesy bbq sauce heart..he’s a dork haha.

I promise they looked better in real life…the lighting was terrible!

What’s the best homemade meal you’ve ever had?
– Wow…I don’t even know the answer to my own question! Hmm, maybe buffalo wings I made a couple years ago? And I make the best mashed potatoes and coffee cake (separate, not together, gross!) EVER. Seriously.

Is it unseasonably warm where you live?
– It’s 87 here…the average for this time of year is usually in the 60s! My apartment doesn’t have central air so I’ve been baking all day long!