Mugs as big as your head!

Last night’s run was AMAZING. I managed to get it in before it got dark outside so I didn’t have to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. This run was my fastest paced run EVER, including my previous 1 milers! I ran 2.52 miles in 23 minutes for a pace of 9:07!!!! I felt so good, albeit out of breath, the whole time! I didn’t have a goal pace and instead just let my feet do what they wanted. Best. Run. Ever.

Today consisted of eating a lot of junk food and laying around pretty much all day long. Not the most productive of days, but I didn’t hate it πŸ™‚ It’s a rest day as far as training goes, but tomorrow’s run is my longest yet — 5 miles! Fingers crossed I can get through it. Tonight’s agenda: finishing up some homework that’s due at midnight and starting on my huge research paper that’s due next week that I probably should have started working on 3 weeks ago. Yikes!

Hello to all of my new readers that got referred to my giveaway by Janae @ (aka my favorite blogger of all time)!! I’m so thankful that she linked to my giveaway post on her blog. Speaking of that post…I need to keep reading that book! Maybe I’ll do a review post once I’m done and share some of my favorite things from the book with you guys.

Oops, almost posted without any photos! Here’s a picture of me from last night, note the wet hair and the beer mug as big as my head.



What’s your favorite beer ever?

– I like Summer Shandy at the beginning of the warmer months, but last night I opted for Blue Moon

Who’s your favorite running blogger (other than me of course!)?


5 responses

    • I think I might go to grad school sometime in the future but I’m definitely looking forward to having at least a year off and just working! I have good work ethic as long as I’m getting paid πŸ™‚ lol.

      Nice beer choice!! Blue Moon is definitely one of my first choices when I go out.

  1. I love Blue Moon and Summer Shandy! If I’m out with friends I usually opt for a Bud Light or something else that’s on special. πŸ™‚ This past weekend I had a “pink lemonade” beer which was Summer Shandy and Berry Weiss mixed together.

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