Salad Success!

I made a huge salad for lunch yesterday with the help of my pre-made homemade salad bar. It was super yummy and I’m definitely going to keep doing prep work for salads so I can get more veggies into my daily diet! I finally tried a grape tomato and ummm GROSS. The flavor was just not my thing…at least now I know I truly don’t like them! So those will be donated to my boyfriend so they don’t go to waste 🙂

After I gave my lunch time to settle, I headed out for an easy 3 mile run. Maybe a big fibrous salad wasn’t my best pre workout meal choice… I had stomach cramps for the first mile or so but then I finally started to feel better for the last two. My goal pace was 10:00 and I finished in a little under 30 minutes, so I was fine with that!

I thought it was going to be a lot windier out than it really was, and wore a long sleeve shirt. Completely unnecessary. By the end of my run, my shirt was the same color of my face.

And drenched in sweat, as it should be. 😉

What is your least favorite food or ingredient?

– Ricotta cheese is gross.

Have you entered the GIVEAWAY??

– If you haven’t you should probably go check it out HERE


Homemade Salad Bars

I stayed up really late last night to study for my kinesiology exam this morning…it paid off because I got above the class average, which always makes me feel good! However, I didn’t have time/energy to make breakfast this morning and ended up eating McDonalds (gross). I had one sausage burrito and a hashbrown and honestly expected to be starving within a couple hours, which is how I normally feel after eating fast/junk food. Instead, I wasn’t hungry until about 45 minutes ago! I guess if I ever have to eat fast food for breakfast again I’ll keep this option in mind.

After a quick nap I headed off to the grocery store to get supplies for making my very own salad bar. I did all of the prep work this evening so that I can start eating salads tomorrow. I got all of my favorite toppings, plus one I’ve never tried before: red onion, broccoli, green bell pepper, banana peppers, hard boiled eggs [not pictured], shredded carrots, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes (I’ve never had one before! I know, I’m weird). I’m probably way too excited about making a salad tomorrow for lunch, but I just can’t help it!


No running today, since it’s my rest day before my long run tomorrow (4 miles, never done 4 miles straight before!). I feel kinda weird not exercising though, so I might do a bit of weightlifting or cross training at the gym tonight, just to burn off some extra energy!

What are your favorite salad toppings?

Do you cross train on your rest days or take a complete day off from working out?

– I just play it by ear. Some days I don’t do a single ounce of physical activity (other than walking to the kitchen lol). If I want to work out on a rest day, then I just hit up the elliptical or stationary bike to burn off some energy!