Training Schedule Tuesday!

I’m cheesy and I like alliteration posts so I decided to start one of my own (I’m sure someone else has probably already done this one before, but it’s new to me so I’m claiming it as my own!!): Training Schedule Tuesday! If you want to join in, feel free 🙂 Make sure to let me know in the comments if you make a post.

Here is my training schedule for the week:

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: 40 minute run with a negative split goal

Thursday: 2.5 mile run

Friday: Rest or Crosstrain (maybe p90x arms??)

Saturday: 5 MILE RUN!!! — a new milestone, if I complete it!

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 1.5 mile run (less mileage next week because I have a 5k on Saturday, May 5th!)


Have you ever done p90x?

– I have, but only for like 5 days before I quit! Now, I just like to do random workouts to supplement my running 🙂

Tell me your training schedule for the week! And also, what are you currently training for?


3 responses

  1. I got about halfway throught P90X and I always feel most accomplished when I make it through the arms workout – like I can lift my house afterwards. I actually posted about my P90X experience a couple weeks ago. Good luck! I dig the blog

    • Getting halfway through p90x is amazing! I’ve known a few people who have done the whole thing but I just don’t understand how they have that type of dedication. Honestly, running is the only consistent exercise I have ever stuck to before (other than competitive dance in middle school and high school…but that’s more of a sport than an exercise activity).

  2. I finished P90X & got great results March-May of 2010 & chronicalled on my former blog Currently I’m training for my 2nd half marathon in July & my training schedule this week looks a lot like yours…5 miles on Sunday! I’d like to try P90X 2 next….but have a 6 month old so we’ll see. Saw your blog from HRG’s…good luck on your long run!

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