I should spend more time on my hair

I headed to the gym tonight with the intention of completing my surge run on the treadmill. I even tried to use the treadmill with the on demand episodes of Friends (awesome!) in order to keep my attention off of how much I hate surge runs so that the time would go by faster. Instead, ten minutes later, and only a mile into my run, I quit. I felt dehydrated and tired…so I headed over to the stationary bike and rode for 45 minutes (11.3 miles). I left dripping in sweat — a sign of a successful trip to the gym! — and not the least bit disappointed in my failed run. I’ll just try that run again tomorrow 🙂

So, I like making lists. I also enjoy making these lists on post-it notes and then losing them 🙂 So this week, I decided to make my post it note on my blog. This way, I know I won’t lose it and also I’m sure everyone out there is just sooo interested in what I have to do this week.

1. Brush my hair

This might sound silly, but I haven’t brushed my hair in over 2 weeks… I have naturally wavy hair and if I brush it, it gets all frizzy. The downside to this, is that if I don’t brush it, it gets matted from my crazy sleeping aka tossing and turning all night and forms a gigantic tangled knot. I’m estimating that brushing my hair tonight/tomorrow is going to take almost an hour. Not joking.

2. Dye my hair

Last winter/early spring I dyed my hair brown to fulfill a life long dream of being a brunette. It wasn’t that bad looking on me, but I just felt like my natural blonde hair looked better. You be the judge:

Ever since dying it back to blonde, I’ve been stuck in a vicious cycle of dying my hair different shades of blonde trying to find one that finally lets my natural hair grow back in without looking like I have 3 inches of dark roots! So yeah, I need to dye my hair because it’s been way too long since the last time I did that.

Wow, I really sound like I love to keep up with my appearance, huh!


3. Take my clothes to Plato’s and then take whatever they don’t buy to Goodwill.

I finally went through my clothes last week and picked out all the shirts/pants/t-shirts that I hate and haven’t worn in over a year. It was a long overdue chore that I finally tackled. Now, the clothes are in neatly folded piles but they’re taking up space! Plus, the Plato’s close could bring in some much needed money for this broke college student, which would be nice 🙂

4. Go through my millions of drawers and THROW THINGS AWAY.

I’m a pack rat. This trait, combined with being very unorganized, has resulted in a extremely cluttered and messy room. I’m reaching my breaking point. I need to just throw things away!! My goal is to have half as many things when I move out of this apartment, as I did when I moved in.

5. Study for my midterm on Thursday.

I don’t think I really need to explain this one…

What’s on your to do list this week?

Do you have a hard time parting with your clothes? Even clothes you haven’t worn in years and/or don’t even really like?

Have you ever taken your stuff to Plato’s closet? How much did you get?

Sometimes they barely pay me anything for my clothes, but a couple of times I came away with over $100…no idea why they love my stuff sometimes and hate it other times. Hopefully they LOVE it this week 🙂


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