I feel like a REAL runner!

This weekend was amazing, mostly just because I finally got to relax and not think about school for 48 hours. Last week I had so many projects, papers, quizzes, and midterms that it was tough to get a moment to myself! But this week is a lot less busy so I enjoyed most of my weekend on the couch.

I went for my “long” run of 4 miles on Saturday (I can hear seasoned runners giggling now…4 miles is long??) and it went well. It was really cold, rainy, and windy but I decided to skip the treadmill and run outside anyway. Honestly, I feel like I wasn’t a real runner until Saturday because normally I avoid less than perfect weather at all costs and run inside. But on Saturday I faced it head on! I think I’ve earned my running stripes for real now 🙂 I headed down towards campus because I wanted to run on the Oval (our version of a quad). Only problem was, there was a bajillion people on High St. and all around campus walking to the spring football game. I spent about a half mile dodging people on the sidewalks of campus before deciding to head back to the off campus housing area of Columbus. I got a side stitch a couple of times, which I don’t really ever get these days, but I think this was due to a lack of hydration rather than poor breathing.

I only had about 2 tenths of a mile left before I could finally stop running when a guy started trying to flag me down…I had my head phones in so I tried to ignore him but he practically ran me down with his car to get me to stop. His question: How do you get to the football stadium?

This question is soooo ridiculous because it’s Ohio State. Our campus basically revolves around football season and to not be able to find our gigantic stadium is just incomprehensible. Gasping for air, I tried to point him in the right direction but I could barely think, nonetheless act as a TomTom. I doubt I helped the guy out at all, but it’s his fault for stopping a very tired runner when she’s almost finished with her run!

My goal pace was 11:00 and I ended up beating that and running the 4 miles in about 42:30, at a 10:38 pace! I’m beyond thrilled with that time and I’m proud of myself. Feels like another milestone has been met 🙂 This weekend’s long run is 5 miles. I think I’ll head down to the river trail to make the run a little more enjoyable, and I hope this time it’s not raining!

After my run I got ready and headed to Red Robin with the boyfriend for my guilt free meal of the week. I had the BEST burger I’ve ever had in my entire life. If you go to RR anytime in the near future, check out the bleu ribbon burger! Onion straws, chipotle mayo, and bleu cheese? TO DIE FOR. My mouth is practically watering just thinking about it!


Obviously I took that picture of the burger myself and I didn’t just steal it from the RR website because I forgot to take a picture of my sandwich when I was at the restaurant…

What’s your favorite restaurant burger/sandwich?

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run without walking? How long did it take you?


11 responses

  1. scheduling in time to run is tough while you’re in school and 4 miles is a great run! I’m a slow runner too so it’s hard for me to break the 10:30 min/mile thing 🙂 I did a half marathon (yikes!) in march, and have another in May, so I’m busy prepping for those… and they generally take about 11:30 min/miles– since I have so far to go. Good luck!

  2. AWE! I am so happy for you girl! 4 miles is no joke and that is great. I wish I had found your blog before last summer-I went and basically lived at Ohio State for a week! I can only imagine-their football stadium is huge. (I go to a baby 4000 person school so…OSU’s football stadium..is ya know bigger then my college! lol). Anyways have a great day!

  3. Great story about the stadium directions, Carolynn! Even with headphones, I’ve been approached TWICE by missionaries on bicycles wanting to hand me some literature! Burger looks great, but after a run, I’m craving granola-filled pancakes with hot maple syrup (lots of syrup)!

  4. I fricken love Red Robin. I found out that you can get your burgers with a lettuce bun! While yes the regular buns are good I’d rather nix the bun and go right for the fries. Its basically like a chunk of lettuce on top and bottom. Still super crunchy and will totally satisfy your burger craving!

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